Cyber Security Project Collection


Cyber Security Project Collection Repository: Rediscovering Cybersecurity Through Hands-On Exploration



After completing my degree, I found myself drawn back to cybersecurity. Eager to dive back in, I've started a journey of exploration, resulting in the creation of a project collection repository. With this repository, in this project post, and various blog posts, I'll be documenting my hands-on projects and sharing insights gained along the way.


Beginning My Journey:

Starting with the basics, I've kicked things off with TCP and UDP servers. These lay the groundwork for deeper exploration into networking fundamentals. Understanding TCP and UDP has been particularly valuable, enabling me to create a robust sandbox environment for further experimentation.


Current Projects:


Project Roadmap:


Chat Server:

  • Currently exploring communication enhancements. Stay tuned for updates!



  • Chat encryption
  • File encryption
  • Image encryption
  • Upcoming projects. Expect exciting developments in the near future!


Additional Tools:

  • Port Scanner
  • Packet analyzers
  • Firewall
  • Tools to test and defend against various attacks
  • Other future plans. Exciting projects on the horizon—keep an eye out for updates!

Embracing Learning and Growth:

Returning to cybersecurity is an opportunity for continuous learning and growth. Each project I undertake is a chance to expand my knowledge, refine my skills, and contribute to the ever-evolving field of cybersecurity.


Blogging Along the Way:

To share my journey and insights with others, I'll be updating this project post and regularly posting blog updates on project progress and discoveries made. Through these posts, I hope to help share knowledge withing the cybersecuirty community. For any major or irregularly large projects, I will make a project post.



As my cybersecurity project collection repository takes shape, I'm thrilled about the learning oportunities that lie ahead. Join me on this journey of hands-on exploration in cybersecurity.