While documenting my exploration of cybersecurity fundamentals, I've embarked on creating practical projects. As part of this journey, I've started building a TCP chat server in Python. Currently, it facilitates unsecured communication, but I'm eager to delve into interception methods and fortify it with robust security measures in the future.
This tutorial guides you through creating a "contact me" form for Django web apps. With Google Mail SMTP integration and Django Simple Captcha, we ensure secure communication and prevent spam.
This post delves into setting up TCP and UDP servers, marking the first step in my cybersecurity project journey. Exploring fundamental network communication concepts, it offers practical examples and underscores their importance in cybersecurity sandbox environments.
This guide provides practical instructions for implementing web cookies using vanilla JavaScript and Django, covering essential configurations and troubleshooting tips. Whether you're new to web development or looking to enhance your skills, this resource offers straightforward guidance to help you effectively manage cookies in your projects.
I talk about the pros and cons of the three popular web frameworks Django, Laravel, and the MERN stack with practical insights and personal anecdotes. Find the perfect framework for your next project.
An overview of Django Channels to achieve real-time communication in web applications and an example of how I used Django Channels in a real-time online board game project.